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    The Passion Of Our Souls - Soulmates EP - Limited Edition CD (first Press !
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    "The Passion Of Our Souls – Soulmates (2015 Spotlight) – Now here’s an interesting mix of genres, as this EP has been labeled as Melodic Death/Pop Metal respectively… and to be honest, it took me by surprise on first listen. It’s a female fronted act with a harsh vocalist and a cleaner one, which sort of makes me think of a cross between a much darker version of Arch Enemy and Kittie or In This Moment. " 9/10 - The Grim Tower -

    " it’s something that I’ve never seen before and it worked out much better than other combinations I’ve heard before like combing nu-metal with techno. “Soulmates” isn’t exactly what I would call a ground-breaking album but it’s definitely the result of creative people thinking outside of the box to make something that is practically unheard of in the metal kingdom today and they a much better job than other bands out there have before, for sure." - Headbanger Reviews -

    "Overall, this EP show promise from The Passion of our Souls thanks to their excellent ability to deliver crisp Finish Melodic Metal songs with extra elements thrown into the mix. If you like bands like Amaranthe but could do without all the cheese (exaggerated production and keyboards) “Soulmates” is a very good release to hold you over until the band crafts their debut full-length release." - 85/100 - Infernal Maquerade Webzine -


    Includes unlimited streaming of Soulmates via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released March 3, 2015



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The Passion Of Our Souls Finland

Melodic Death Pop Metal with Harsh and Clean Female Vocals!!

"The passion of our Souls music has low female growls and clean voice and having a heavy sounds connecting melodic death metal with pop-style choruses which makes it recognizable. " ... more

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Track Name: Give Me Your Soul

You are my soulmate
Heaven on earth
We met each others in the park of the darkness
I'm gonna loose my mind when I look into your eyes
No more sorrow under my skin when you kiss my lips

Give me your soul and I'll give you mine
And I know we're gonna be just fine
Stay with me and I will stand with you
Together we're like lovers under the moon

You are my soulmate, heaven on earth
Your mind and body are perfect to me like this we're meant to be
Your smile and eyes are like drug to me and this is something that a whole world will see
Track Name: Everything

When you are near me
I always hear your heart
When it's beating
right next to mine

Sun is not rising
You are still sleeping
So pure and innocent
I wanna hold you tight

My life is like a bird
I wanna fly free and see the world
I feel that we're the same
And we understand each others so well

I never knew that
something could feel like this
When you touch me
I just wanna be yours

Show me your true love
I'll give you everything,
You ever dreamed about
If you are mine
Track Name: What Tomorrow Brings

This world might be sick
But we're going to change that
And send our love to all of you
If you are lonely, don't be afraid
There's always someone, who understands you

Always tell your loved ones how much you care
You'll never know what tomorrow brings, when everything ends
Show your love tonight and live in this moment,
'Cause you never know when everything ends

Say that you need them
Tell that you love them
Show that you care about them
Just like we did
Don't stay in sorrow
If you haven't found love
There's gonna be tomorrow
And you will find someone
Track Name: Till Death Do Us Part

Close your eyes now and give me your hands
I have to tell you that
This is something I have never felt before

When you breathing
When you sleeping
When you kiss me
When you hold me
Im so glad that I found you

Living with you, it's like a dream

Please Marry me
And I'll be yours forever
I'll love you till the end
Till death do us part
Please take this ring
And I'll show you my true love
I'll never give up
I'll stay by your side

You bring me roses when I am sad
You bring me happiness when I'm feeling bad

I believe that you and me are close enough to say those two words
I dont want to beg on my knees
So come on babe say yes, please

Do you want me to be your bride and feel me close to you every night
Walk with me to the altar of love
Let's spell together: Yes I do